Sugarland Run Homeowners Association

Community Amenities

Snow Removal in Sugarland Run

In anticipation of the coming winter weather please remember that all street within Sugarland Run are the responsibility of the Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT).
VDOT reports that they do not plow or sand secondary or side streets until after a storm is over. If your street has not been plowed or sanded within 24 hours of the end of a storm please call them at 703·383·8368.

VDOT Snowplow in Sugarland Run

VDOT Snowplow in Sugarland Run

If you live in the Townhouse Association and you are experiencing problems within your parking lot (where there are numbered assigned spaces please call the THOA office at 703·430-4500.

Community Survey Results

The Board has partnered with Interactive Focus, an independent research company, and hosted a community survey to obtain your feedback. It is important to note that all responses were confidential and anonymous.
You can read the survey results here: SRHOA_Resident_Survey_Sept_2016.pdf. If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact the SRHOA office at (703) 430-4500 or