Sugarland Run Homeowners Association

Your Board of Directors Needs You!

Our Board of Directors is charged with maintaining, preserving and enhancing the common assets of our association. In order to perform those duties our Board depends upon the advice and counsel of experts in various fields of community association management: our management company, attorneys, landscapers, insurance specialists, etc.

When making decisions regarding our community, the Board is expected to consider all the facts and factors involved in the issue and make the best business decision possible. Sometimes those decisions may not appear to be in the best interests of all of the owners, however if each owner understood all of the underlying issues that go into making the decision, they would understand that the board’s choice of action is usually the most practical and well thought out.

In addition to dealing with insurance, maintenance, financial and contractual decisions, the board must also balance their positions on the board with their role as a homeowner. If assessments are increased that means they are increased for them also. If rules are enacted, that means they have to obey them, too. Being a board member does not grant one immunity from the responsibilities of living in an association. In fact, serving on the board reflects just how seriously they take that responsibility. So, please keep in mind that our board members are actually doing “double-duty” for our community: they serve as board members and neighbors.

That being said, the annual ballots have been mailed to your home. Please be sure to review the information and return in to the office. Without you (a quorum of our voters) the election for board members doesn’t count. If you are interested in joining one of our boards, Architectural Review, Townhouse Association Board or the Homeowners Association Board, please let the office know. We are always looking for volunteers for committees or board spots.