Sugarland Run Homeowners Association

Sugarland Run Dolphins Swim Team

srst_dolphinsWho are the Dolphins?
The Sugarland Run Dolphins Swim Team was formed in 1975, for Sugarland Run swimmers interested in competing in a swim league. The Dolphins are sponsored by the Sugarland Run Homeowner’s Association, and are members of the Colonial Swimming League in the Blue Division.

The Sugarland Run Dolphins Swim Team is both a competitive and a developmental swim team. This allows beginning swimmers to gain meet (competition) experience, and more advanced swimmers to remain competitive. Our program is designed to help every swimmer to be successful in improving their competitive swimming skills.

Who can join the Dolphins?
The answer is simple: Membership is open to all swimmers up to the age of 18. Swimmers must be able to swim across the pool (25 yards) without assistance in order to join the team – usually children under the age of 5 cannot manage this, but we encourage a try-out on the first day of practice. Sugarland Run is one of the few neighborhood swim teams that has an open membership policy.

In what League do the Dolphins compete?
The Dolphins are part of the Colonial Swimming League. This League has four divisions, generally with six teams in each division. The League website contains a lot of useful information – pool locations, League records, dates of officials€™ training classes, etc.

Who manages the team?
An Executive Board of parent volunteers makes policy decisions. Kelly Joyner is the Team Manager, and Katrina Stroud is the Team Representative to the League. Other members are listed below.

How can I email the Executive Board?
Email for general questions. You can also reach the individual Board members at the following email addresses:


What is the Relay Carnival?
The Relay Carnival is an event that involves the entire League. Any team in the League may send relay teams to compete; no individual events take place. Our team is hosting the Relay Carnival again this year. It is our primary fundraising event, and requires an enormous amount of parent volunteers. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun while doing so!

How can I help out?
Our Volunteer Coordinator will disseminate information on volunteer assignments during the week of each meet. The team in is always in need of deck officials during meets. If you are able to help us out, please see a Board Member for more information. Deck official jobs require that you take an open book test. The tests are online on the CSL webpage.

What should I do if I have a concern about my swimmer’s performance?
Talk to the coaches AFTER a practice or meet. Please do not monopolize a coach’s time during a practice or meet to discuss your individual swimmer. The coaches are responsible for coaching many children at once and need to be allowed time and space to manage the team. No parents should be on the deck during practice. Even if you think your child is cold, not swimming fast enough, didn€™t understand the instruction, etc., please leave the coaches to deal with the issue. This is the best way we can support our coaching staff and reinforce to the swimmers that they need to pay attention to the coaches during practice.

What should I do if I have a concern about a coach’s actions?

Talk to a Board member at the pool, or email them at the addresses listed above.

How does the team announce weather delays / cancelations?
We use, through which we can remotely send texts or emails to everyone who registers with our team account. In the case of a sudden pool closure, we’ll send a RainedOut alert as soon as possible. Please register your cell phone or email account so that you receive these announcements. Go to our page and follow the sign-up instructions. Note that we do not automatically cancel practices/meets due to rain.

Where might I turn for basic swim lessons?

A Google Search for “swim lessons in Sterling, VA” will get you some good results. You might first check out the County’s Parks and Recreation offerings: LINK

A team parent (Liana Murray) has recommended Kids First Swim School: LINK

There’s also the Tom Dolan School: LINK

You could also email our coaches for advice or possible one-on-one lessons.