In its continuing effort to improve our community, the SRHOA Board of Directors had announced the first phase of a year-long project to review the Association’s Declarations.

Sugarland Run has been operating under the Declarations originally provided by the Developer since the early 1970’s. Times have changed and modernization of the Declarations is in order.

Every ten years, the percentage of Owners required to approve of amendments decreases from 75% of the Owners to 67%.  We hoped to take advantage of this window of opportunity to amend the Declarations at the 50th Anniversary of our neighborhood to empower the community by updating certain provisions enabling SRHOA membership to use modern technology and a lower voting threshold to make appropriate future changes.

After reviewing the Declarations and considering the valuable input of community members over several “Town Hall” meetings, the Board proposed two amendments.

Summary of Proposed Amendments:

The first amendment would allow Sugarland Run to conduct business and obtain member votes using secure electronic means.  In addition to the traditional written format, Sugarland Run would be able to use technology (email, apps, video/audio conferencing, online voting tools, and future technologies) to communicate with residents, conduct annual, special and regular meetings with members.  We could also conduct polls, surveys, and more.

The second amendment would lower the voting requirement needed to amend the Declarations to 51%. SRHOA has two Declarations and in order to lower the percentage required to adopt an amendment, two similar documents must be signed by the Owners. A lower voting percentage requirement will better empower the community to make future amendments and adapt to changes over the long-term.

The final amendment package has been mailed out however you can access the final package here.

We had not received the required percentage of owner responses to support these amendments during the lower (67%) threshold by the 50th Anniversary of Sugarland Run.  As a result, SRHOA Declaration amendments will need 75% owner participation until the next opportunity for the lower 67% threshold in 2032.  While we did not receive the support required for our changes, Virginia law was updated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our first suggested amendment to utilize electronic means of voting was authorized.

SRHOA is still collecting endorsements for the amendments, but we are nowhere near the 75% response required.  Owners may still mail in or drop off at the community office mailbox your two original Declaration Amendments Ratification Forms (signature page only) included in this package.

We strive to reach more owners both in our community and those off-site to increase the reach of future collaborative efforts.  If you have suggestions, please feel free to notify the SRHOA BOD at

Thank you for your comments and support in making Sugarland Run a wonderful place to live.  If you have any questions (se habla español), please contact the SRHOA/THOA Office at (703) 430-4500 or send email to


Sugarland Run Homeowners Association, Inc. Board of Directors.