Community Projects

The SRHOA Board of Directors plans and budgets annually for community improvement as well as maintenance and repair projects. Aided by a professionally prepared Reserve Study that assesses community amenities every five years, the Board manages community assets to the highest standard possible to ensure longevity. The following list of projects is provided as an overview of the types of expenses incurred by the HOA in order to maintain community amenities. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it provide full project details. Residents may learn more about these and other projects by attending board meetings, reviewing board meeting minutes, or contacting the HOA Office or the SRHOA BOD.

In addition to consulting with professionals during the planning and execution of projects, the Board also seeks input from residents. In 2016, the Board conducted a resident survey. The results of this survey provided important guidance and feedback from Residents and will be repeated.


Maintenance Garage – the garage was relocated from the front of the Community Center to the far corner of the parking lot near the tennis courts.

Street Lights

Sugarland Run contains nearly 300 street lamps. The board began replacing the old lamps, which were in disrepair, in 2007. Today, all street lamps have been replaced with the new fixtures – some of which have the first version metal-halide bulbs. As of 2013, all new lamps utilize LED fixtures which significantly reduce the energy consumption and cost to operate. The Board is continuing to upgrade the metal-halide lamps with LED heads in order to improve energy efficiency. The improved electrical service and efficient, long lasting LED street lamps will be a major improvement and cost savings for our community.

­Recreational Trails

The community is fortunate to have approximately 26 miles of asphalt recreational trails meandering through it. However, these trails require ongoing maintenance. The board is always on the lookout for sections of trail that pose a hazard to residents due to broken or heaving asphalt. As with most years, in 2023 the board will work to identify the trails in greatest need for repair and hire a contractor to patch sections and/or install new asphalt, as the budget allows.

Potomac View Fence

The Board decided to remove the fence along Potomac View Drive, instead of replacing it.


Our neighborhood includes twelve playgrounds. The playgrounds vary in age and some are at the end of their life.  Most of the playgrounds require annual maintenance, from adding wood chips to replacing worn out parts. Some THOA tot lots are being removed instead of having the equipment replaced.

Tennis and Basketball Courts

The tennis court was recently replaced due to the surface cracking/buckling on one side of one court. The new court surface includes Pickleball court markings on the court closer to the garage.  This surface should provide residents many more years of use before needing significant investment again. There is a new cypher lock on the access door from the parking lot.  Please see the office to return the tennis court key and receive your $10 deposit refund and acquire the current access code.  The basketball court had been replaced around 2017 and should be good to go.  However, routine maintenance is required for each court.  Should you have a concern or notice damage to the court, please contact the office next door.

Community Center and Office Building

Both the community center and office building require regular maintenance and upkeep, just as a home does. From leaky faucets to broken heating systems to new roofs, these buildings are routinely worked on to keep them serving the community. Most work is of the repair and replace variety, however the board looks for opportunities to improve the facilities whenever possible. In 2016, the board added a covered patio to the rear of the community center to direct rainwater away from the building while also providing an ideal location to provide pool users some shade. The covered patio includes recessed lighting and a ceiling fan.  In 2022, the covered patio has had the ceiling and entrance cement repaired and new tables were purchased.

Community Pool

The Sugarland Run pool is one of the largest pools in Loudoun County and is a valued amenity by many residents. The pool also requires ongoing service and repair, from life guards who maintain the water quality and cleanliness to the Pool management company who takes on larger repairs. Unexpected pool costs are kept to a minimum through regular upkeep, including reapplying a protective “white coat” finish to the concrete pool surface every five years. After the 2022 pool season, the pool’s drain was upgraded and several skimmer baskets were re-tiled.  This work in addition to having a new pool vacuum and a new pump installed will have the 2023 season starting off in better shape that it has been in a long time.

Streambank Erosion Control

As a large landowner in eastern Loudoun County, the HOA has a responsibility to keep its streams clean. Part of this includes reducing streambank erosion. Erosion allows excess soil to enter the watershed. To mitigate further streambank erosion, the board had installed gabion baskets along several sections of the stream. These wire and rock structures hold back the soil and keep the stream water from further eroding the banks. Installing these structures helps protect our land from washing away beneath our trees.  The gabion baskets slow the water flowing near the stream edge during storm events. The slower water keeps more soil in place instead of washing it into the Chesapeake Bay watershed. In 2021, the Board has adopted a Resolution to partner with Loudoun County to rehabilitate Willow Lake and the compact clay dam that creates it.  The stream bank on the outflow side of the dam is currently being rehabilitated as part of Phase 1 of 2, and will be replanted with native species to reduce erosion. Also, a stormwater drain that also contains pool water at the close of the season is being redirected to eliminate the water from eroding the foot of the compacted clay dam.


A wonderful asset of Sugarland Run are the plentiful mature oak and maple trees. Many of our trees have reached 100 feet tall. While these trees provide cooling shade, beauty, and homes for birds and other wildlife, they also require constant maintenance. Every year, the board works with an arborist to perform necessary tree work around the community.

Willow Lake

Willow Lake is adjacent to the Community Center and pool. The HOA works with a lake management company to ensure the health of the lake is maintained. Additionally, in 2016, the HOA entered into an agreement with Loudoun County to permit the county to begin managing the lake for improved water quality, specifically for stormwater management as part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  In 2021, the Board has adopted a Resolution to partner with Loudoun County to rehabilitate Willow Lake and the compact clay dam that creates it. This project will be accomplished in two Phases.  Phase 1 is to rehabilitate the dam outfall (drainage side of the dam).  Phase 2 will involve improving the dam by eliminating trees growing upon it and may include removing excess sediment that has accumulated since 1971 restoring capacity to the lake and ensuring proper form to the lake bed.