SRHOA Documents:

SRHOA Art Of Incorp.pdfSRHOA Articles Of Incorporation
SRHOA Bylaws.pdfSRHOA Bylaws
SRHOA Common Area Rules.pdfSRHOA Common Area Rules
SRHOA Declaration Covenants.pdfSRHOA Declaration official copy as filed
SRHOA Declaration Clean.pdfSRHOA Declaration Clean Copy – Readable but unofficial
SRHOA New Owner Guide.pdfSRHOA New Owner Guide
SRHOA Policy Resolutions.pdfSRHOA Policy Resolutions
Pool Rules Spring 2017.pdfSRHOA Pool Rules
SRHOA Resident Survey Sept 2016.pdfSRHOA Resident Survey Sept 2016
SRHOA Resident Survey 2016.pdfSRHOA Resident Survey 2016
SRHOA Resident Survey 2017.pdfSRHOA Resident Survey 2017
SugarlandTrailHandMap.jpgSRHOA TraIl map (detailed)
SRHOA Street Lights Tot Lots Map.jpgSRHOA Street Lights Tot Lots Map
SRHOA Tennis Court Rules.pdfSRHOA Tennis Court Rules
Community Center Rules And Regulation.pdfCommunity Center Rules And Regulation

SRHOA Forms:

HOA EFT Direct Debit Form.pdfHOA EFT Direct Debit Form
Extension Letter Request HOA.docxExtension Letter Request HOA (Word document format)
Formal Complaint Form.pdfFormal Complaint Form

ARC Documents:

SRHOA ARC Guidelines.pdfSRHOA Architectural Procedures and Guidelines
SRHOA Approved Siding Paint Colors.docxSRHOA Approved Siding Paint Colors (Word document format)
SRHOA Approved Trim Paint Colors.docxSRHOA Approved Trim Paint Colors (Word document format)
Approved Shingle And Siding Colors Hoa.pdfApproved Shingle And Siding Colors HOA
Approved Shingle And Siding Colors Thoa.pdfApproved Shingle And Siding Colors THOA

ARC Forms:

ARC Application.pdfARC Application

THOA Documents:

THOA Guidelines.pdf THOA Specific ARC Guidelines
THOA Trash and Recycle Rules and Regulations.pdf THOA Trash and Recycle Rules and Regulations
THOA Parking Policy.pdf THOA Parking Policy

THOA Forms:

THOA EFT Direct Debit Form.pdfTHOA EFT Direct Debit Form
Extension Letter Request THOA.docxExtension Letter Request THOA.docx
THOA Visitor Parking form.pdf THOA Homeowner Request for Visitor Parking Pass

Other Documents:

Virginia POA Act.pdfVirginia Property Owners Act
CAC Page.pdfCommunity Activities Latest Events
Live Flyer.pdfLatest events from LIVE! at Sugarland
Loudoun Police Action Req.pdfLoudoun Police Action Req
Pool Pass Hours.pdfPool Pass Hours