Sugarland Run Swimming Pool


Sugarland Run is proud to feature Loudoun County’s largest private outdoor pool. It’s 50 meters by 25 yards, Olympic size! Amenities in the pool area include a diving well and a handicap accessible wading pool for little kids. There are trees and Sunbrellas for shade if residents want it. The bath house was renovated in Spring 2012 and is a bright and relaxing place to begin your time at the pool.

Sugarland Residents enjoy the pool from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend every year.


In order to obtain a pool pass, each member of your household six (6) years and older will need to come to the SRHOA office and have their picture taken.

Each member MUST provide the association with one of the following forms of identification:

  1. Driver’s license with the current SRHOA property address
  2. Walker’s permit (non-driver picture ID issued by DMV) with the current SRHOA property address
  3. Recent (within three months) Utility Bill with resident’s name listed
  4. VA voter registration with the property address
  5. Recent (within three months) Bank Statement with the SRHOA property address
  6. Children between the ages of 6 and 18 must provide a current report card of the schools in the community (unless providing a driver’s license) and must be accompanied by a parent with either A, B, C, D, or E (above).
  7. Tenants must provide a copy of their CURRENT lease and the owner MUST sign the pool application granting authorization for their tenants to use the pool. Tenants are also required to provide proof of residency with either A, B, C, D, or E (above).. (Landlords must release their rights to use the pool annually to their tenants.)


Residents acquire their Photo ID pool passes at the SRHOA Office usually starting in May of each year if new passes are needed such as if you are new to the neighborhood. Renters will need permission from their landlord/property owner to acquire passes. Each household also receives 10 free pool guest passes per year.


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